Countdown to Christmas

John Reilly
Countdown to Christmas – Musical Advent Calendar

Day 23 – a Song John Reilly wrote in California with Rick Braun ‘ Far Away’

Day 22 – at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool – ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’

Day 21 – Another one from ‘The Eltopn Sessions’  here’s ‘Burn Down The Mission’

Day 20 – John Reilly interview on the BBC’s ‘The People Remember’ and singing ‘Women of Steel’

Day 19 – John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman – ‘Not Alone’

Day 18 – the John Reilly Band in concert inside the stunning ‘Devil’s Arse in Castleton – ‘This City’

Day 17 – John Reilly in the Doghouse, with this song for VE Day 2020 – ‘Follow The Lights’

Day 16 – more vintage Boy on a Dolphin ‘New Horizon’

Day 15 – John Reilly &  Lewis Nitikman Radio 2 Playlisted Single  – ‘La La La (Bulletproof)’

Day 14 – From ‘The Elton Sessions’ John Reilly &  Lewis Nitikman – ‘Tiny Dancer’

Day 13 – John Reilly in the blue Room singing an acoustic version of ‘Malaika’

Day 12 – John Reilly with Acoustic Angels at Birkfest – ‘Just The Way You Are’

Day 11 – John Reilly & Lewis Nitikman in an empty Devil’s Arse – ‘Amazing Life’

Day 10 – John Reilly with Eliot Kennedy and John Parr at Sheffield City Hall – ‘Women of Steel’

Day 9 – Another Blast from the Past – Boy on a Dolphin in Vancouver 1992 – ‘Fire’

Day 8 – John Reilly & Lewis Nitikman with Stannington Brass Band
and Sheffield Community Choir – ‘Fearless’

Day 7 – John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman’s Christmas single ‘Peace Sign’

Day 6 – From the Lockdown Concert ‘The Elton Sessions’ here is ‘Daniel’

Day 5 – The Title track to Boy on a Dolphin’s debut album – ‘Words Inside’

Day 4 – John Reilly at Sheffield City Hall with Def Leppard etc etc – 20th Century Boy

Day 3 – John Reilly Alone in The Blue RoomAmazing Grace

Day 2 – Vintage Boy on a Dolphin in Canada 1992

Day 1 – Fall On Mewith Tenor Gareth Lloyd